2010 ASC-CSDS Miniconference

Agenda | Project descriptions

CSDS and ASC will run a microconference on Saturday 24 April to discuss research designs  for projects funded under the ASC/CSDS 2010 summer research grants program.

Projects supported by the ASC / CSDS summer grants program featuring at the microconference include:

  • How many X’s do you know? Tyler McCormick, Department of Statistics
  • HIV Counseling and Testing, Fertility, and Economic Outcomes, Hyuncheol Kim & Beliyou Haile, Department of Economics
  • Latent Network Structures and Public Goods Games in the DR Congo, Peter van der Windt & Neelanjan Sircar, Department of Political Science
  • Business cycles, procyclical public spending and social protection of the poor in Latin America, Martin Ardanaz, Department of Political Science
  • The Effect of Ethnicity on Demand for Bazaar-Level Institutions, Noah Buckley and David Szakonyi, Department of Political Science
  • Long-term effects of the Peruvian Civil War, Jordan Kyle, Department of Political Science
  • Individuals’ Preferences towards Inward Foreign Direct Investment, Boliang Zhu, Department of Political Science
  • English Unstoppable, a randomized evaluation, Ritam Chaurey, Department of Economics
  • The Politics of Allocation in a Village Network: Evidence from West Bengal, Neelanjan Sircar, Department of Political Science

For more information see the detailed project descriptions and the conference agenda.