Date: 6 November 2009
Location: Lindsey Rogers Room, 7th floor, IAB, Columbia University
Please find an interactive map here.

9:45 – 10:00
Steering Committee
Opening Welcome

10:00 – 10:50
Ben Pasquale & Manuela Travaglianti (NYU)
Guns, Growth & Geography: The Subnational Origins of Insurgency
Discussant: Macartan Humphreys

11:00 – 11:50
Erik Mvukiheye & Cyrus Samii (Columbia University)
Micro-effects of peacekeeping: Evidence from Cote d’Ivoire and Liberia
Discussant: Lindsay Newman


12:15 – 1:05
Guy Grossman (Columbia University)
Social Capital and Social Dilemmas in Rural Development
Discussant: Kristin Michelitch

1:15 – 2:15

2:30– 3:20
Danielle Resnick (Cornell University)
When and why do the urban poor in African democracies support opposition parties?
Discussant: Robin Harding

3:30 – 4:20 Jeremy Horowitz (UCSD)
Campaign Mobilization and Ethnicity: Evidence from Kenya
Discussant: Dominika Koter

Coffee Break

4:40 – 5:30
Alastair Smith (NYU)
Tanzania’s Economic and Political Performance: A District-Level Test of Selectorate Theory
Discussant: Peter van der Windt

Steering Committee
Wrap Up

Dinner: Africa Kine Senegalise Restaurant