2009 Folke Bernadotte Academy


Workshop, CSDS, Columbia University, 30-31 October 2009

Sponsored by the Folke Bernadotte Academy

Program 30 October (as of 2009-10-15)

08.45 Coffee at workshop venue

09.15 Introduction and Personal Presentations
Birger Heldt, Folke Bernadotte Academy

09.45 Presentations (Chair: Michael Gilligan, New York University)
Micro-Impacts of Peacekeeping in Liberia: Evidence from a Cluster Matched Survey
Cyrus Sami & Eric Mvukihyie, Columbia University
Event Data and Inter-Coder Reliability
Andrea Ruggeri, Ismene Gizelis and Han Dorussen, Essex University
Discussant Ana Arjona, Yale University

11.15 Coffee at workshop venue

11.30 Presentations (continued) (Chair: Kyle Beardsley, Emory University)
Joining GAM
Macartan Humphreys, Columbia University
In the Midst of Cynicism and Faith: Avenues of Participation among Ex-
Combatants in Liberia
Johanna Söderström, Uppsala University
Discussant Michael Gilligan, New York University

13.00 Lunch at Faculty House. Skyline Level. Fourth Floor.

14.15 Presentations (continued) (Chair: Lisa Hultman, Uppsala University)
The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon: Multiple Perspectives on Complexity
in Peace Operations
Efrat Elron, International Peace Institute
Coherence under Ambiguity: Field-Level Coordination in Integrated Peace
Michael Lipson, Concordia University
Discussant Kyle Beardsley, Emory University

15.45 Coffee at workshop venue

16.00 – 17.30 Presentations (continued) (Chair: Ana Arjona, Yale University)
Protecting Civilians by Force: UN Peace Operations in the Post-Cold War Era
Lisa Hultman, Uppsala University
Peacekeeping and the Diffusion of Armed Conflict Across Time and Space
Kyle Beardsley, Emory University
Discussant Nikolay Marinov, Yale University

19.00 Dinner. Guantanamera.

Program 31 October (as of 2009-10-21)

8.45 Coffee at workshop venue

9.00 Presentations (Chair: Donald Daniel, Georgetown University)
DDR of the Military in DRC: A Never Ending Story
Henri Boshoff, Institute for Security Studies
Security and Rule of Law: Mapping Policy Support Networks for UN Peace
William Durch, Stimson Center
Discussant Cyrus Samii, Columbia University

10.30 Coffee at workshop venue

10.45 Presentations (Chair: Efrat Elron, International Peace Institute)
Choices of Troop Unit Contributions to Peace Operations: Which are Advantaged?
Donald Daniel, Georgetown University
Supply-Side Peacekeeping: A Dynamic Panel Analysis
Vincenco Bove, University of London
Discussant Han Dorussen, Essex University

12.15 Lunch at workshop venue

13.15 Presentations (continued) (Chair: Henri Boshoff, Institute for Security Studies)
Peace-Keepers and Coup-Plotters: The Effects of UN PKO Participation
Nikolay Marinov, Yale University
PKOs and Atrocities Against Civilians: A Project Outline
Birger Heldt, Folke Bernadotte Academy
Discussant Macartan Humphreys, Columbia University

14.45-15.30 Wrap-Up and Planning Session
Birger Heldt, Folke Bernadotte Academy