This page aims to provide all the necessary resources to prepare and facilitate rigorous fieldwork. The information is of help for students that are interested in doing field research as well as seasoned field researchers.

Grant applications
The second step for field research – after the first step of having that great idea – is to obtain funding. Here we provide documents that will help you with this.

·Past grant applications

IRB protocols

Obtaining IRB approval is often seen as a hurdle to cross before field work can be conducted; it doesn’t have to be. Together with Columbia’s IRB, we hereby provide information on the IRB application process.

·Guideline from IRB

·Approved IRB protocols

How do I randomly choose the households to be sampled? How many people do I need to survey? These – and many more – are questions researchers have to answer before going into the field. Please find here codes (and explanation guides) to answer these questions.

·R Code (and explanation guide) to randomly select e.g. household at different levels[Peter will do this]

·R Code (and explanation guide) for power analysis

·R Code (and explanation guide) to create sampling frame within the household[Neelanjan will do this]

Fieldwork experiences

While you will learn most from being in the field yourself, you can learn a lot from your peers that have been in the field before you. Here we provide this information.

·Experiences from field work

·Document to avoid pitfalls

·Document with tips on preparation

Research designs [password protected]

To learn from previous work we provide original copies of the surveys and manuals of the people that went before you.



Data [password protected]

Please find here data that was collected by CSDS fellows.