December 6, 2013
Columbia University
International Affairs Building
Rm. 707 (Lindsay Rogers Room)

8:45 AM 
Breakfast & Coffee
9:15 AM 
“Elite and Mass Perceptions of Foreign Aid in Recipient Countries: A Field Experiment in Uganda”
Michael Findley, University of Texas at Austin; Adam Harris, New York University; Helen Milner, Princeton University; Daniel Nielson, Brigham Young University
Discussant: Saad Gulzar, New York University
10:25 AM
“HIV/AIDS, Life Expectancy, and the Opportunity Cost Model of Civil War”
Tyler Kustra, New York University
Discussant: Chris Blattman, Columbia University
11:35 AM
11:50 AM
“Homeward Bound: Migration and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding”
Stephanie Schwartz, Columbia University
Discussant: Peter van der Windt, Columbia University
1:00 PM
1:45 PM
“Bureaucrats versus Politicians: A Research Design on Political Oversight and Local Public Good Provision”
Pia Raffler, Yale University
Discussant: Kate Baldwin, Yale University
2:55 PM
3:10 PM
Deus ex Machina? Why – and how – the political roles of ‘strict sects’ differ across Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa, 1960-present”
Elizabeth Sperber, Columbia University
Discussant: Guy Grossman, University of Pennsylvania
4:20 PM
“Rethinking the Diversity-Underdevelopment Hypothesis in Post-Apartheid South Africa: A Research Proposal”
Evan Lieberman, Princeton University
Discussant: Gabriella Sacramone-Lutz, Columbia University
5:30 PM
End of conference
6:15 PM
Dinner at Africa Kine